1 June 2022

When’s the post-pandemic party?

Clinical podcast Public Health The Tea Room

Will monkeypox fill the void that SARS-CoV-2 has left or does covid still deserve the limelight?

Is the pandemic really behind us or have politics and mainstream media simply moved on to newer news?  

Despite the drop in popularity of covid stories, our guest in The Tea Room today makes it abundantly clear that it’s not time to pop the champagne just yet. 

Bianca Nogrady is president of the Science Journalists Association of Australia and has faithfully provided The Medical Republic’s covid coverage almost since the pandemic started. She’s had her eye on the statistics for two years and the current trends alarm her. 

“We have become far too complacent with deaths from covid. And it’s really bizarre that we used to get the daily press conferences when the deaths were numbered in the 10s to 20s and that was shocking, whereas now we can have 80 people die in a day and there’s barely a whisper,” Nogrady says. 

Tune in to this episode for a summary of the latest covid conversations from someone who’s had a bird’s eye view of covid science and public discourse over the past two years. You may want to mask up.  

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