12 August 2020

When does a cloud exchange or co-location service become viable in healthcare?

Communication Technology Webinars

In this podcast, I chat to Equinix Australia managing director Guy Danskine about the rapid rise of cloud exchanges and co-location services in data management in healthcare.

Inevitably, healthcare organisations handling large amounts of data are turning to the cloud to streamline their operations and increase their ability to securely collaborate with partners.

At the top of the cloud data storage ecosystem are a few providers who are master connectors – the secure cloud exchanges. They sit above even the major cloud vendor services such as Amazon and Azure, and they offer very high throughput and fast storage and secure connectivity.

But starting the journey, or even escalating your momentum on this journey can be confusing. The spectrum of cloud based services is large and complex.


If this podcast interests you, tune in tomorrow (Thursday 13 August) at 11am for a more detailed and practical view of the technology in our Building knowledge-based collaborations at scale in the cloud. In this session we talk to four healthcare experts who are using cloud exchange to store, share and and analyse their data. The panel includes Associate Professor Mark Cowley from the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia talking about how that organisation is connecting major cloud providers in order to collaborate on cancer data with partner institutions across the world. CLICK HERE to REGISTER for FREE.

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