16 April 2021

When a patient dies by suicide

Clinical Mental Health

Dr David Lim and Monique Broadbent outline the support and resources available to doctors when a patient dies by suicide.


  • Grief is a process, not something to be fixed.
  • If one of your patients died by suicide, you are not alone in experiencing emotional turmoil, perceived isolation and guilt.
  • Linking up with appropriate support and resources is very important for GPs who are experiencing the emotional trauma of having had a patient die from suicide.

Host: Dr David Lim, GP

Guest: Monique Broadbent, support leader; Standby – Support After Suicide, Brisbane

Total time: 41 mins

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Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman
25 days 7 hours ago

Suicide is devastating for families and GPs alike. In rural towns, a GP delivers babies, attends weddings and funerals.. almost part of the family. A space to debrief face to face, not instrumentalised over the net is important for remote GPs often trapped in the pressure cooker of community expectations and far from an opportunity of self care.