28 October 2021

Webinar: how hospitals can prevent workplace violence

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Healthcare professionals are more likely to be attacked on the job than any other service professional. Could technology help you keep your staff safe?

The growing phenomenon of workplace violence disproportionally effects the healthcare sector. Could technology help you keep your staff safe?


Healthcare professionals are more likely to be attacked on the job than any other service professional. For example, the number of nurses assaulted in Victorian health settings rose by 60% between 2016 and 2019.

The escalation in violence has led to an increase in regulations and restrictions, making it difficult for workplaces to comply with requirements and protect their staff. Healthcare organisations need to act fast when a workplace incident occurs, and this is especially difficult when it involves a lone staff member located in a large facility.

It is crucial for healthcare organisations to understand the gravity of the situation, and create an environment where their staff are safe and protected.

It is a difficult issue to manage, but technology might be able to help. An enterprise-grade handset that can push a destress button to raise the alarm, which also provides an end-to-end management solution of the alarm raised, could ensure a fast-acting and streamlined response to incidents.

A simple touch of a button on a mobile device that can send a silent, discreet alarm to designated recipients, summoning help without exacerbating a tense situation or provoking the aggressor, could offer a huge relief to healthcare staff and their employers alike. 

Join our panel of expert speakers on Wednesday, November 10 at 11am AEDT, to hear about the violent incidents nurses face and the solutions that exist to address them.

Topics include

  • The workplace violence issues in the Australian Healthcare setting
  • The impact of violent incidents on staff and patient
  • How can healthcare providers approach safety and security for their workforce?
  • Empowering staff to expect a safe workplace
  • The role of technology in reporting and investigating violent incidents in the workplace
  • Q&A with expert speakers

Speakers include

  • Kylie Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Australian College of Nursing (ACN)
  • Georgina Willetts, Co-Chair of the Occupational Violence Committee within the ACN Nurses and Violence Taskforce
  • Jackson Heilberg, Registered Nurse, Founder of the Nurse Break
  • David Williams, Country Manager, Ascom


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