5 March 2021

Vax dates revealed – leave room in the fridge

COVID-19 General Practice Vaccination

Practices have been officially welcomed to start immunising under phase 1b, with the government revealing how many AstraZeneca vaccines they will be entitled to over the coming weeks.

Eligible general practices have also been told which week they are scheduled to begin vaccinating their patients with the AstraZeneca vaccines, with the first week commencing on Monday 22 March.

According to information packs sent out this week by the Department of Health, via the Primary Health Networks, 3400 practices have been allocated 50 doses per week, 1000 practices have been allocated 100 doses per week and 300 practices have been allocated 400 doses per week.

One GP, who wishes to remain anonymous, told TMR that he was concerned to find out his clinic would be among the majority of practices only allocated 50 AstraZeneca vaccines per week.

“With 50 vaccines per week, how do we pick and choose which patients to vaccinate?” he said. “Especially when the government has been saying we have to accept everyone [for vaccination] whether they are our patients or not.”

And with Australia having one of the lowest sustained rates of community transmission of COVID-19 in the world, some GPs have questioned the need to rush the vaccine rollout before more AstraZeneca doses can be manufactured locally.

But Dr Lucas de Toca, acting first assistant secretary for the Primary Care Response to COVID-19, said the tiered dose model was developed to maximise the number of practices coming on board the immunisation program each week.

“General practices have been assigned an allocation based on geographic distribution, density of Phase 1b priority population in the area, estimated throughput as self-assessed in the application, and Standard Whole?Patient Equivalent (SWPE),” he said in a letter accompanying the onboarding information pack.

“The allocations may be reviewed as vaccine availability increases and data on utilisation and demand across the system becomes available.”

Dr de Toca said that practices might also be offered a higher allocation of vaccine doses, or an earlier start date, depending on the final registration take-up.

Phase 1b rolloutStarting date
Week 122.03.21
Week 229.03.21
Week 305.04.2021
Week 412.04.2021

General practices have also been told to allow for flexibility around the delivery of COVID vaccines to their clinics.

The Department of Health has advised against practices booking in any appointments which rely on new stock within 48 hours of anticipated delivery.

And practices will have to place their orders for new vaccines, up to the maximum allocated amount, 14 days before the requested delivery date.

To ensure that practices have adequate storage provisions for the vaccines ahead of their delivery, the Department of Health has also released information about the dimensions of each box of the AstraZeneca multi-dose vials.

GP clinics will be able to place orders using an online ordering form at least 14 calendar days in advance of the requested delivery date.

But interestingly, the minimum amount of doses a practice can order at a time is 100 doses, once a week.

This would mean that while the majority of practices have a vaccine cap of administering 50 doses per week, they could have more than twice that number of vaccines in their fridge at any given time. 

The point of contact for vaccinating practices is through the Vaccine Operations Centre – phone: 1800 318 308; email: COVID19VaccineOperationsCentre@health.gov.au

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1 month 8 days ago
Vaccine fridge capacities are around 150L, 300L, and 400L. Has anyone done the maths and the measurements? How many boxes of AstraZeneca vaccine (10 x MDVs) can you fit in an empty vaccine fridge? What about fitting them in to a vaccine fridge that also contains the usual NIP vaccines, and travel vaccines? Reminds me of that ‘dad’ joke: ‘How many elephants can you fit into a Mini (one of the original Minis, not the modern ones)? Answer – 4; 2 in the back, 2 in the front’ I wonder how many Practices have bought a vaccine fridge just for… Read more »
Dr Doneover
Dr Doneover
1 month 10 days ago

Nanny state!!! Just get them delivered on mass. We know how to vaccinate. We know how to deal with multi dose vials and multi dosing. Bread and butter not rocket science.