22 March 2021

Vaping and tobacco addiction

Addiction Clinical Drugs

Dr David Lim and Professor Nicholas Zwar discuss the role e-cigarettes can play in therapy.


  • E-cigarettes have been shown to benefit and help smokers who have failed the usual forms of therapy
  • Behavioural support plus adequate and appropriate nicotine replacement therapy alone, or in combination with pharmacotherapy, can be effective
  • Combination nicotine replacement therapy (patch and oral form) and using the oral, more rapid acting form during vulnerable periods of the day is an important tool
  • From October 2021, e-cigarettes can only be prescribed by accredited doctors. This is a world first initiative of the RACGP and the TGA

Host: Dr David Lim, GP

Guest: Professor Nicholas Zwar, executive dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University

Total time: 41 mins

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