19 November 2020

Unproven vaccine? I’ll take three!

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When pandemic strikes, most folks see illness and suffering, economic hardship and social disruption.

But there is a subset of folks out there who see something else. They see a golden opportunity to exploit the vulnerable for financial gain.

If you needed evidence of the depths some of our fellow humans are prepared to wallow in, look no further than this excellent article by TMR reporter Ruby Prosser Scully on COVID chicanery so shameless even the TGA has been forced to do something about it.

And it’s an odious flavour of behaviour that seems to pop up pretty much everywhere on the planet.

Take, for example, a report this week from The New York Times, about nefarious goings-on in China.

According to the report, long queues of folks have been lining up for hours to receive COVID vaccination jabs despite none of those vaccines being officially declared safe for use.

It almost goes without saying that the purveyors are charging like the proverbial wounded bull for the privilege, with the NYT quoting figures of between $US600 and $US1500 per shot.

The vaccines are being illegally sourced by scalpers with access to China’s pharmaceutical industry, some of whom think they are providing a valuable public service as opposed to shamelessly profiting from people’s fears.

“Some people have been especially grateful to me for helping them,” one vaccine scalper is quoted as telling the paper.

China has four potential COVID vaccines in development, with three of those currently in phase 3 trials.

And while Beijing is pushing for a rapid rollout of COVID vaccinations, we’re not sure this development is quite what they had in mind.

If you see something stupid, say something stupid … send untested inoculations to felicity@medicalrepublic.com.au.

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