20 May 2020

TMR podcast: Big sperm and the decline in male fertility

Men Sex

Men can sometimes seem like an afterthought when trying to find out why couples are having trouble conceiving.

But now the technology industry has caught on and is starting to pay attention to this lucrative, untapped market.

They are cashing in on a growing fear around what some have dubbed “spermaggedon”. This is the alarm that sperm counts are plummeting in Western men, possibly rendering more males infertile and portending a “Children of Men”-style future.

In this dystopian science fiction novel and movie, years of infertility has left mankind on the verge of extinction.

Already, one in six couples are unable to conceive on their own, and in around half of those cases, there is a problem with the man.

But what’s causing these declining sperm rates? And what can we do to fix it?


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