5 October 2021

Mammalian meat allergy following tick bites

Allergies Clinical

Dr David Lim and Clinical Associate Professor Sheryl van Nunen discuss an important condition with a spectrum of clinical presentations.


  • Mammalian meat allergy is the most common reason patients carry an Epipen in the Northern Beaches of Sydney
  • This important condition can have a spectrum of clinical presentations from rashes to full-blown anaphylaxis
  • Those who have been bitten by ticks in the past can develop an allergic response to vaccines made with mammalian products such as Zostavax, Flucelvax Quadrivalent, medications such as heparin and other products such as porcine prosthetic heart valves
  • Repeated tick bites potentiate the allergy but if no further tick bites occur, it can settle over 18 – 48 months
  • Lifetime tick bite avoidance is key

Host: Dr David Lim, GP and medical educator

Guest: Clinical Associate Professor Sheryl van Nunen, allergist; Visiting medical officer, Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Northern Beaches Hospital

Total time: 33 mins

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