4 May 2022

Long covid: pathogenesis and how GPs can help

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In this special podcast series we take a deep dive into what lingers after covid infection.

Brain fog, fatigue, type-2 diabetes, respiratory and cardiac conditions and mental illness are all potential leftovers following a case of covid.   

With a condition so new and so little understood – and unlikely ever to have a simple solution – doctors are largely in the dark about long covid, so the Tea Room is producing this series of podcasts to shed what light we can. 

This first episode welcomes two researchers who expand our knowledge about long covid’s underlying biological processes and what health modelling predicts. 

Our first guest makes the connection with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr Anthony L. Komaroff is a professor at Harvard University Medical School and is senior physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Professor Komaroff explores his theories about the pathogenesis of long-covid and also has some advice for doctors. 

Our second guest models long covid predictions for Australia. Martin Hensher is a professor in health economics and epidemiology who discusses the impact of long covid on health services and the economy.  

Will long covid have a big impact? Professor Hensher says “that’s the multi-billion-dollar question”.  

Our next episode is all about treatment options. We will speak to long-covid clinics in the UK, US and Australia and compare approaches. Is rehabilitation creating better outcomes than drug therapy? It may be too early to tell for sure, but our expert guests provide some compelling evidence. 

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