9 March 2021

How depression leads to suicide in men

Clinical Psychiatry Psychology

Dr David Lim and Dr David Horgan discuss recognising the red flags in an at-risk person, and how to act.


If you have ever had to deal with the issue of suicide, or fear the day you will have to, then you must listen to this podcast

  • What needs to be done, how to do it, what questions need to be asked, how to interpret them
  • Learn about red flags, the at-risk person and how to engage them
  • Learn about malignant emotional pain and what to do about it

Host: Dr David Lim, GP

Guest: Dr David Horgan, psychiatrist; Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne; Founder, Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation

Total time: 52 mins

Recommended Resource: In Tough Times Text

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