26 April 2021

Hospital employee skips 15 years of work

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We all know the public sector can be bureaucratic and inefficient at times, but when six of managers and human resources don’t notice an employee’s absence for more than a decade, something’s more than amiss.

Such was the case with a hospital employee in Italy, who has pocketed more than half-a-million euros without attending a single day of work in 15 years. 

The employee apparently stopped turning up to work at Ciaccio Hospital in the southern city of Catanzaro in 2005, according to the BBC

Wish you had a HR department like that? not so fast …

The employee is now under investigation by the police for fraud and extortion after allegedly missing 15 years of work. 

His total earnings were €538,000 ($A840,000) over that time.

The employee on one of his 5,475 days off…

The police accused the employee of threatening his manager to prevent her from filing a disciplinary report against him.

When that manager retired, the employee’s ongoing absence went unnoticed. 

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