13 May 2020

JobKeeper survey results revealed

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In a recent survey, The Medical Republic asked GP readers what was confusing about the government’s JobKeeper payment scheme. Some GPs reported no difficulties at all, while many others said the process was very confusing.

To qualify for JobKeeper, GPs or practices must report or predict a substantial loss in earnings over a month.

For some GPs, applying for JobKeeper is fairly straightforward because they are clearly eligible and there’s no grey zone.

But for many other GPs and practices, the application process and eligibility criteria are far from clear and the usual go-to advisers aren’t being all that helpful.

If you have misgivings or questions about how the scheme works Register HERE for tonight’s (7:30pm AEST) webinar on how your practice might qualify for JobKeeper, even if previously you may have thought you didn’t.

Here are the survey results in full:


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