15 December 2021

GP World, the action-packed board game

Humoural Theory RedHerring

Race against the clock and try not to get referred to the PSR!

From the makers of “Duct-Duct Tape” and “Why are my drains blocked?” comes GP WORLD!

An action-packed board-game for all the family, GP World can be played anywhere any time. 

If you like hilarity, spontaneous laughter and fun then you’ll love GP World! 

Start the game by picking a character and roll the dice. 

The aim is to defeat your opponents, co-operatively or alone, and capture the Golden Stethoscope before it’s too late. 

As you make your way around the board you’ll have to miss a go if you step on “One of your close contacts is covid-positive” and if you land on “You’ve received an AHPRA notification” you’ll have to start all over again. If one of your sneaky opponents refers you to the PSR you might have to pay 250K or declare yourself bankrupt.  

There are also breakaway rounds from the main action board. These include: 

“Write That Prescription!”: Battle against the clock and remember the spelling and dosages of as many medications as you can. Sounds easy … but can you spell ledipasvir and sofosbuvir while your family are screaming in your ear and there’s only 10 seconds left on the clock? FUN! 

“Diagnose This!”: you get to see a series of flashcards and have to correctly diagnose the condition or it’s a trip to court for you. FUN!  

“Spin The Chair!”: get spun round 20 times and then attempt to perform minor surgical procedures like fitting a Mirena on a hyper-realistic rubber pelvis or removing a peanut from a child’s nose. FUN! 

This year’s action-packed Christmas edition includes a great new bonus round called: “What’s That Smell?” That’s right, the board comes with its very own tubes full of medical-grade smells. Can you correctly identify the sweet smell of ketosis? The yeasty smell of thrush? Or even the vomit-inducing whiff of gas-gangrene? It’s fun but it’s not for the faint hearted! 

GP WORLD by Farber and Cramer: batteries and hyper-realistic rubber pelvis not included