14 August 2020

Going viral: Post COVID-19 health sequelae – what GPs need to know

Clinical COVID-19

Dr David Lim speaks with Dr Jim Newcombe about the health issues that follow COVID-19 infection.


In this episode:

– A substantial proportion of those who have had COVID-19 experience health issues many weeks and months after the acute infection
– As part of the clinical approach, ask about level of energy and general function, “brain fog”, mental clarity and general pain
– Mental health, shortness of breath are important issues to monitor for
– It will be a multidisciplinary challenge and specialist opinion will often be needed, but GPs will be central players in this process

Host: Dr David Lim, GP
Guest: Dr Jim Newcombe, infectious diseases physician, clinical microbiologist; Royal North Shore Hospital, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology
Total time: 38 mins

COVID-19 live update