17 June 2020

Going viral: On the possibility that COVID-19 is man-made


In this episode of Going Viral, Professor Raina MacIntyre head of biosecurity at the UNSW Kirby Institute, talks to RACGP president Dr Harry Nespolon about the controversial topic of whether COVID-19 is synthetic.

While the theory of COVID-19 being man-made was quickly rejected by many in the virology community, Professor MacIntyre discusses why the idea shouldn’t be entirely dismissed.

In this episode:

– Genetic engineering; synthetic biology methodologies are widely available.
– What is “gain of function”, why it is controversial and is it currently permitted?
– Could COVID-19 be man-made? It’s a real possibility and not just a crazy conspiracy theory.


Host: Dr Harry Nespolon, GP and RACGP President
Guests: Prof Raina MacIntyre, Head of Biosecurity, UNSW Kirby Institute
Total time: 17 mins


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