5 February 2021

Going Viral: New Vaccines, New Concerns

Clinical COVID-19 Public Health Vaccination

Dr David Lim speaks with Dr Gary Grohmann about Australia’s developing COVID-19 vaccination plan.

In this episode:

  • Instead of efficacy, look at the secondary endpoints as vaccine data is being released
  • Whilst the evidence for giving the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine in patients over 65 yrs is small, it is still a reasonable option
  • TGA is maintaining a very watchful eye on all new vaccines 
  • It is possible Australia will have 5 different vaccines available by the end of 2021 

Host: Dr David Lim, GP

Guest: Dr Gary Grohmann, Virologist; Vaccine Manufacturing Expert; Former Director of Immunobiology and WHO ERL at the TGA, Office of Laboratories and Scientific Services

Total time: 27 mins

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