21 April 2021

Give your thinky bits a break

The Back Page

We at TMR like to take a break from cold hard facts every now and then and bathe in the warmth of pseudomedical gibber.

Rather than anger, we find that reading a lot of nonsensical COVID-19 takes in a row creates a mildly pleasant dissociative state, which is nice, when so many mind-altering things have side effects and/or are illegal.

The Back Page can report this result after a brief jaunt through coronaconspiracy.cloud, a crowd-sourced collection of COVID-themed garbage from around the internet. The Australian site is anonymous but we think it’s an initiative of the Australian Skeptics.

Here are just a few mind-softening examples.

Who needs Pfizer when there’s warm water:

This plan isn’t going very well:

Let me crack that COVID right out of your spine:

Definitely a bit woozy now:

One part of this is definitely true:

And finally this beauty that was dropped in Australian letterboxes:

Feeling lightheaded yet?

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