30 November 2021

Fertility preservation during cancer treatment

Cancer Clinical Fertility

Dr Terri Foran and Associate Professor Kate Stern discuss the importance of addressing fertility issues in those facing chemotherapy/radiotherapy.


  • The ways in which cancer therapies may impact on subsequent fertility
  • The importance of addressing fertility issues in those facing chemotherapy/radiotherapy
  • Techniques to preserve fertility in both male and female patients before and after cancer therapy
  • Preserving fertility in prepubescent patients
  • The main limitations of fertility preservation techniques

Host: Dr Terri Foran, sexual health physician; Conjoint senior lecturer, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW

Guest: Associate Professor Kate Stern, specialist, gynaecologist and reproductive endocrinologist; Associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, University of Melbourne, Royal Women’s Hospital; Clinical director and head of clinical research, Melbourne IVF

Total time: 21 mins

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