22 July 2021

Diet, the gut microbiome and mental health

Clinical Diet Mental Health

Dr David Lim and Amy Loughman discuss the effect of what we eat on how we feel.


  • What we eat affects our mental health, especially depression and this extends to prenatal diet
  • Some evidence exists that certain microbiome patterns in infancy can lead to persisting behavioural problems for years
  • Eating, sleeping, and exercising well are simple ways to start
  • Aiming for a Mediterranean diet or the Australian Dietary Guidelines is a simple piece of advice that can reduce risk of mental disorders
  • There is emerging evidence suggesting that the oral microbiome may play a role in influencing cardiovascular health and even dementia

Host: Dr David Lim, GP and medical educator

Guest: Amy Loughman, senior research fellow; Deakin University’s Food & Mood Centre

Total time: 24 mins

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