6 February 2020

Dialling down the stress of patient complaints

AHPRA General Practice Medicolegal

AHPRA is putting systems in place to deal more effectively with a rising tide of notifications

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2 Comments on "Dialling down the stress of patient complaints"

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Philip Clarke
Philip Clarke
11 months 9 days ago
So why did it take over 200 days for the board to address the complaint against me and I had 14 days to respond? And when they hire more and more investigators – then the registration fees will go up and up. If the rate of notifications has gone from 1.7% to 7% expect a quadrupling of medical registration fees. And anyone with any awareness of the rules with any health concerns are flirting with being reported if they seek help from a medical practitioner – it states this clearly in the legislation the board keeps stating is their raison… Read more »
Rolf Tsui
Rolf Tsui
11 months 10 days ago
I would suggest putting some balance back into the system and make people think twice before submitting a complaint. Make complaints equivalent to a statutory declaration. This will require the complainant to be truthful and will be subject to criminal sanctions if they make a false or misleading report. Being stupid is not a defence and if notifications like being “8 minutes late” is what AHPRA receives, these complainants should face consequences. There is discussion about stress for the complainant. That is inconsequential to what a complaint does to a health practitioner, in particular the rubbish ones. Being a doctor… Read more »