1 May 2020

Professor Peter Wark on upcoming asthma guideline changes – FREE LIVE WEBINAR

COVID-19 General Practice Respiratory Webinars

The update to the Australian asthma guidelines will likely see a notable shift in approaches to respiratory care. In an upcoming free webinar, Professor Peter Wark will discuss the new guidelines and their potential impact on asthma management.


Following  the stance taken by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) committee in arguments were made against the use of short-acting beta2 agonists (SABAs) alone due to safety concerns and poor patient outcomes, the impending  update to the Australian asthma guidelines are likely to be among the most significant update of guidelines in some time.

Will Australia go the same way?

Professor Peter Wark, senior staff specialist in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle and a conjoint Professor with the University of Newcastle, and member of the drafting committee for the upcoming Australian guidelines may help clear things up in his upcoming webinar, Managing Asthma in 2020 and Beyond, being held on Monday, May 11th 2020.

For decades now SABAs have been a standard treatment for relieving asthma, so much so that they were eventually granted over the counter access, and became widespread among the community.

But over time some controversy has arisen as a result of how well-meaning but notoriously non-compliant asthma patient  police themselves with with SABAs-alone? That  controversary has intensified with the release of the GINA guideline changes last year.

On May May 11th in Professor Wark will present a live webinar entitled Managing Astham in 2020 and beyond. With the guidelines due soon,the new Asthma handbook slated for release in early July, with  bushfires, COVID-19 and the general uncertainty of current times comes a greater need for direction, conviction and clarity.

Indeed a greater need for guidance and guidelines is proving a major draw card for this webinar, with hundreds of general practitioners already signed up, some in the wee hours no less.

Register below for Professor Wark’s session;

Managing Asthma in 2020 and Beyond


7pm ACDT (SA,NT)

5.30pm AWST (WA)




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