2 December 2020

Clinical Takeaway: Compulsive internet use in teens

Mental Health Social Media Technology

Dr David Lim speaks with Dr James Donald about the potential dangers of excessive screen-time for teens, and how to reduce the risk.

In this episode:

– Excessive use of computer games and other online activities have been shown to impact their capacity to plan, deal with strong negative emotions and erode their ability to regulate their emotions.

– There seems to be no clear personality predisposition.

– While pre-existing mental health issues do not increase susceptibility to compulsive internet use, compulsive use does appear to increase susceptibility to mental health issues.

– Boundary setting, early intervention and restricting unfettered access especially at bedtime are important determinants in reducing the risk of compulsive internet use.

– Using monitoring apps and having discussions with young children about what they use the internet for is important.

– Are parents role modelling the right behaviour? Often, they are probably not.

Host: Dr David Lim, GP

Guest: Dr James Donald, lecturer, University of Sydney Business School; facilitator, The Mindful Leader

Total time: 36 mins


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