26 May 2020

‘You owe it to yourself’: JobKeeper Q&A follow up reveals benefits of applying

COVID-19 Webinars

The Medical Republic’s recent live JobKeeper Q&A revealed the extent of confusion around how the government package relates to practices.

With too many questions to answer live, this follow-up Q&A podcast clears up some remaining confusion.

Responding to questions received live from GPs, practice advisers David Dahm and Nick Tsoulakis are clear that JobKeeper is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it can present significant income opportunities.

The main take-away from the Q&A and podcast is that it’s worth applying for, even if you don’t understand all the specifics.

“Don’t mess around. Don’t hesitate”, said Mr Dahm. “To do nothing would be silly”.

Mr Dahm and Mr Tsoulakis advise being productive, talking to your advisers, and being clear on contract arrangements and income sources.

They also recommend looking at some resources to help better understand the situation. Aside from the JobKeeper Q&A recording, there is also the National General Practice Checklist Guide.

In light of the fear and uncertainty surrounding practice survival as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge GPs, The Medical Republic is holding a second Q&A with David Dahm on practice survival. Join us on Thursday 28th May to find out how you can fortify your practice against the financial impacts of COVID-19.

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