17 November 2017

Wild Health: Can MyHR bridge the interoperability gap?


The My Health Record has been polarising but that’s about to change, says Dr Monica Trujillo.

Dr Trujillo, the Chief Clinical Information Officer at the Australian Digital Health Agency, spoke on the topic of “Bridging Interoperability Gaps; Patient Safety Imperative” at the Wild Health Summit last month.

“My Health Record has been polarising because it was just an IT product [with] no clinical information,” she said.

It was really not that useful until doctors started to put data into the system.

“However, it has progressed to having bits of more information from different episodes of care, from pathology, now coming from diagnostic imaging, having medicines information.

“That’s a huge game changer for the medical community. So, I think as we see more clinical input, more clinical value will be coming through.”