26 June 2020

Why obesity is associated with other chronic disease

Clinical CPD

The chronic inflammatory state has been implicated as a central causative pathway for many chronic and degenerative diseases.

More recently, obesity has been identified as a disease in which the adipose tissue actively contributes to the chronic inflammatory process. This may explain why obesity is associated with so many of the other chronic diseases. Professor John Dixon will explore and explain the evidence. Even modest weight loss can significantly reduce the level of chronic inflammation in the body and hence its associated risks.

Tune in on Tuesday, 30th June 2020 for the next free Healthed webcast covering the impact of obesity on fertility, hypertension and chronic inflammation.

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Topics and speakers in this free webcast: 

Obesity and its Impact on Fertility – Prof Rob Norman
Obesity Cases – A Practical Approach – A/Prof Samantha Hocking
Obesity in Hypertension – Prof Markus Schlaich
Chronic Inflammation and Obesity – Prof John Dixon

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