23 January 2018

Weight-loss brain zapper? … hmmm

RedHerring Technology

The recent International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas produced a plethora of technologies that made your Editor at TMR go … hmmmm

Some of it positively intrigued, such as the concussion impact-monitoring mouthguard for footy players. Other offerings prompted a much more sceptical “hmmmm”. Firmly in the latter category was the “weight-loss brain zapper”, showcased by Modius Health.

The zapper is a plastic headset complete with dangling electrodes which the user sticks behind their ears in order to receive electrical signals to the hypothalmus.

The idea is that such excitement of the hypothalmus will lessen the wearer’s desire to eat.

And the proof that this actually works? Well, you won’t be surprised to be hear there’s not a lot of it. The company’s reported “science” behind the contraption is a study of just 15 folk conducted over a 16-week period.

But when it comes to the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry, there’s seemingly no idea too dubious to be given a red-hot go.