26 February 2020

Want to know more about psychedelic psychotherapy?

CPD Education

Psychedelic psychotherapy may sound like a far-fetched future of mental health care but it’s already here and GPs need to be prepared, experts say.

Professor David Castle, chair of psychiatry at St Vincent’s Health and The University of Melbourne, has a special interest in psychedelic psychotherapy and will be presenting to GPs this weekend about the clinical application of this new treatment.

This Saturday, 29 February 2020, Professor Castle will be a keynote speaker at Healthed’s Annual Women’s and Children’s Health Update at the International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Professor Castle’s other research interests include schizophrenia and related disorders, bipolar disorder, cannabis abuse, OCD spectrum disorders and disorders of body image.

Some clinical trials have already shown psychotherapy assisted by psychedelics such as psilocybin, and related compounds such as MDMA have produced remarkable clinical outcomes for individuals with addiction, depression, end-of-life distress, and PTSD.

Professor Castle will present twice at the one-day conference, so rest assured if you miss his first presentation in lieu of another speaker, you will be able to catch it later on in the day.

And the day is jam-packed with  more not-to-be-missed speakers.

Professor John Dixon, GP academic and former rural GP, will be talking about the evidence behind prescribing very low-calorie diets or VLCDs in general practice.

Professor Dixon has a strong research interest in obesity and is an editor of the Handbook of Obesity Surgery: Current Concepts and Therapy of Morbid Obesity and Related Diseases.

Some VLCDs include the popular fast800 diet developed by UK television personality and physician, Dr Michael Moseley, and his GP partner, Dr Clare Bailey. The diet combines individuals to drastically reduce the amount of food consumed to only 800 calories per day.

Sometimes, VLCDs require meal replacements such as drinks, shakes and food bars instead of meals.

In addition, Associate Professor Deborah Bateson, medical director at Family Planning New South Wales, will be talking about updates to contraception and what GPs need to know for this area of women’s health.

GPs who attend the Annual Women’s and Children’s Health Update will earn 16 RACGP approved CPD activity points and eight hours approved under the educational activities category.

You can register for the seminar HERE.

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