24 February 2020

TMR podcast: Computers can’t read your clinical notes


Human language is hard for AI to wrap its circuit boards around at the best of times.

But the typos, abbreviations, spelling mistakes, redundancy and messy structure of clinical notes makes it the worst-case scenario for text mining.

Lots of research teams are trying to solve this problem – but it’s proving much more difficult than anyone expected.

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Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller
4 months 11 days ago
This podcast illustrates one of the fundamental errors of NLP ‘researchers’. The medical environment is another culture with its own language, categories and mores which are inculcated over a decade of training. Firstly the audio – why do you overlay multiple tracks so that it is all unintelligible. For your information: sarp pain ++ = very severe sharp pain at rest 0000hours = started while at rest at midnight. lupus = SLE There are several problems. One problem is that medically untrained people think that they are able to develop algorithms for understanding medical language when they have no idea… Read more »