2 April 2020

Going viral, diabetes and hypertension risks


Going Viral: Episode 17

A one-stop source of Coronavirus information for you and your patients as this rapidly evolving crisis unfolds.

The clinical course of COVID-19; Diabetes and hypertension risks; Are we getting it right?


In this episode:
– What have we learned so far about the clinical course of COVID-19 disease?
– Diabetes and hypertension risks
– Antihypertensives – are they good or bad?
– Where are we now with regard to the national response?
– Are we getting it right? What have we learned?
– What will happen in the near future?

Host: Dr Harry Nespolon, GP and RACGP President

Guest: Dr Bernard Hudson, Director of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Royal North Shore Hospital

Total time: 23 mins

COVID-19 live update