10 June 2020

Things that make us go … hmmmm

Global Health

In what can only be considered as a bit of a blow to both evidence-based therapies and endangered critters around the globe, authorities in Beijing have recently announced plans to criminalise criticism of traditional Chinese medicine.

The move follows fulsome support for traditional medicines from China’s President Xi Jinping, who described the remedies as a “jewel” of thousands of years of Chinese civilisation which have played a “unique role” in helping that country to beat the coronavirus.

The new laws would see critics prosecuted for “picking fights to disturb public order” and “defaming” the practice, with minor infractions earning up to two weeks in “administrative detention”, and serious cases resulting in years in prison, The Times of London reports.

With the industry already worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually in China alone, one can only feel concern for the world’s remaining rhinos, tigers  and pangolins …   

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