11 November 2019

Things that make us go … hmmm

RedHerring Technology

For better or worse, there is now no aspect of human endeavour which won’t be livestreamed via the intertubes.

Want to see a real-time online viewing of a human autopsy and chat online with the doctor performing the procedure? The Autopsy Center of Chicago is here to help!

According to the center, the main demand for viewing the process comes from the families of the deceased who are seeking answers, “closure” and “empowerment” (their words, I kid you not) via the grisly exercise.

For some grieving relatives, watching the autopsy not only provides useful information in the face of a tragic event, but also helps them come to terms with their loss, the center says.

All this via a GoPro camera strapped to head of the doctor who then gives the viewers a first-person vantage point on the procedure and explains each step as it happens via the dark magic of Facebook Live.

It’s a strange, strange world we live in.

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