13 May 2019

Things that make us go …. hmmm


One trait you back page editor could never be accused of possessing is an overabundance of faith in human nature. Decades of toiling in the tawdry world of journalism will do that to a person.

So when we happened upon an announcement by the Morrison regime that it would be investing a cool $1 million to support the installation of defibrillators in camping sites across this wide brown land, every fibre of our being shrieked: “What Could Possibly Go Wrong!!”

As is so often the case with spending plans that just happen to coincide with the onset of an election campaign, brass-tacks details of how this scheme was all going to work were about as elusive as a Yowie sighting.

While far be it from us to suggest that this initiative might fall into the category of “ideas that haven’t really been thoroughly thought through”, nevertheless we suggest you stand well back next time you hear someone shouting “CLEAR!” at your favourite holiday destination.    

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