2 September 2020

The Back Page: Latest from home bureau

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Pets are the purry little silver linings of lockdown.

Throughout the #WFH pandemic, we’ve all had Zoom calls interrupted by woofing dogs and cats on keyboards sending cryptic messages to our teams.

We’d really like to feature some GP pets on The Back Page and to encourage some submissions, I’ve pulled together a thread of Med Republic pets.

Send your cute pet pics to [email protected]

“Sartre is very fond of sitting on my computer when I’m working from home, so I had to set up a decoy computer for her. The other photo (below) is of her happily sitting in a drawer!” – Dr Tim Senior, GP

Hide and sleep

Streamers are the best (Penny’s cat)

One of two kitten modes: pooped, or maniacal (Lydia’s cat)

It’s like one of those perfect little curled up cat toys that used to be sold at markets

Feigning sleep but keeping an eye on you (Ruby’s cat)

Tongue blep! they get distracted while cleaning and forget to retract tongue – never seen one FALL ASLEEP like that

It’s certainly siesta time

Unfortunately I have died of cute overload following my kitten putting one back foot in my pocket and falling asleep like this. She is making the tiniest snores.

Activity ratio is approx 1h eating, tearing around yowling like a demon, kneading your soft bits and puncturing your clothes: 23h passed out

If you see something stupid, say something stupid… Send your cute pet pics to [email protected]

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