3 August 2020

The Back Page: Botox for your blues?

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Paralysing your frown lines with botox actually stops you feeling down, a rather difficult-to-believe study claims.

According to the study of 40,000 people, published in Scientific Reports on 30 July, people given botox injections were 40-88% less likely to be depressed than people with the same conditions who didn’t get the injections.

It doesn’t matter whether you inject the botox into the forehead or any other part of the body – it all helps chase the blues away, the study claimed.

“It’s been thought that easing severe frown lines in forehead region disrupts a feedback loop that reinforces negative emotions,” said Ruben Abagyan, a professor of pharmacy and the senior author on the paper.

“But we’ve found here that the mechanism may be more complex, because it doesn’t really matter where the Botox is injected.”

A number of Hollywood stars are probably feeling vindicated for choosing botox over graceful ageing – you have to be able to frown to feel depressed!

The study also looked at slightly more serious indications for botox, including migraines, spasms, urinary bladder disorders and drooling.

It’s a little more believable that botox could help relieve depression if these unpleasant conditions were brought under control…

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Editor’s note: The top image shows a complication from the use of Teosyal-a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler at a ‘botox party’.

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Dr Rachel Gronke
Dr Rachel Gronke
1 month 26 days ago

Why would a respected medical journalist post such a horrific picture of a complication to a totally unrelated procedure to illustrate an article about botulinum toxin? The study may be somewhat unbelievable but this accompanying photo is sensationalist tabloid journalism, perpetuating all the wrong messages about botulinum toxin, and cosmetic procedures. Please give the medical community quality, balanced and unbiased reporting