10 April 2017

Take 5: Osteoporosis during menopause

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Acute bone loss occurs around the time of menopause but calcium, vitamin D and exercise have little effect.

β€œThe only thing that will really work [for women experiencing bone loss during menopause] is hormone replacement therapy,” says Professor Peter Ebeling, the medical director at Osteoporosis Australia.

β€œAnd we are thinking of using this in women up until the age of 59 because we think the benefits of hormone replacement will outweigh the risks associated with its use.”

Once women move into their 60s, 70s and 80s, then calcium, vitamin D as well as weight-bearing exercise will help prevent bone loss, he says.

In this video, Professor Ebeling discusses:

– What strategies have been shown to slow osteoporosis?
– Which weight bearing exercises work for slowing osteoporosis?
– Which groups are most at risk?
– How often should we assess bone density of patients on treatment?
– Current treatment recommendations for osteoporosis