12 October 2016

Take 5: Osteoporosis in men

Bones Clinical


There is little awareness around osteoporosis in men even though men experience one-third of hip fractures.

“A lot of men don’t think they can get osteoporosis and a lot of GPs don’t realise men can get osteoporosis either,” said Professor Peter Ebeling, the medical director at Osteoporosis Australia.

“So it is something we have to increase awareness of in both communities and in GPs.”

Professor Ebeling said it was important to prevent osteoporosis in men because one-third of hip fractures occured in men and one in five men over the age of 50 experienced a fracture due to osteoporosis.

Common risk factors for osteoporosis include smoking, drinking more than two standard drinks in one day, vitamin D deficiency, low testosterone levels or being on drugs that can cause osteoporosis such as glucocorticoids, said Professor Ebeling.

Speaking to Healthed in this five-minute video, Professor Ebeling answers the following questions:

– Is osteoporosis in men a clinically relevant issue?

– What are important considerations in the prevention of osteoporosis in men?