31 January 2020

Take 5: Migraine prevention

Clinical Neurology

Take 5: Migraine prevention

What is the relationship between CPRG and migraine prevention?

CGRP is an important factor in the pathophysiology of migraine and medications that block the activity of CGRP are highly effective in the treatment of migraine says Associate Professor Richard Stark, neurologist at the Alfred Hospital Melbourne.

Over a decade ago, the first drugs produced to block CGRP were produced, but they never made it to market.

“Unfortunately, some of those drugs caused liver function test abnormalities and weren’t brought to market but we had results showing they were highly effective in the treatment of migraine,” Professor Stark says.

Since then, many drug companies have looked at other chemicals blocking CGRP.

“This led to the development of CGRP antibodies which are now coming to the market and that are already approved in Australia,” Professor Stark says.

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