12 March 2018

Take 5: Be a “MasterChef” with antihypertensive agents

Cardio Clinical

A mix of multiple blood pressure medications works better than using just one, says Professor Andrew Sindone.

On average, patients need at least two and a half medications to achieve a target blood pressure of below 130/80, says cardiologist Professor Sindone.

“We know that a little bit of this and a little bit of that, trying to be MasterChef is better than trying to max out one medication,” he says. “You are going to get better control and you are going to get fewer side effects.”

In the HOT trial, 78% of people needed two or medications, 64% of people needed three or more medications, and 48% of people needed four or more medications.

“So, the majority of people are going to need a combination of medications,” says Professor Sindone. “Get them onto a stable group of medications then try to combine them in combination tablet. [This] saves money, improves compliance, improves persistence.”