14 July 2017

Take 5: Don’t use troches

Clinical Women

The safety of both oestrogen and progestogen depends on the mode of administration, as well as the dosage.

Professor Bronwyn Stuckey, a clinical endocrinologist and the medical director at the Keogh Institute for Medical Research in WA, discusses the dangers of troches in the following video.

“Yes, it is a problem,” she says. “We shouldn’t be prescribing troches. Troches haven’t gone through the rigorous testing to look at the balance oestrogen and progesterone in a similar way that commercial preparations have.

“The most worrying problem is that the progesterone in the troche will not be sufficient to protect the endometrium against the oestrogen.”

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Bengt Paven
Bengt Paven
10 months 10 days ago

A lack of evidence isn’t an evidence of lack. Its not that these medications don’t work (they certainly seem to work) its just that we cannot be sure of the exact dose. Given oral preparations can vary 10-20% within one brand and even greater variation between brands, how is this any safer?