17 October 2017

Take 4: Alternative management of acne

Clinical Dermatology

For the majority of adolescents, acne will resolve, says dermatologist Dr Phillip Artemi. But adults with acne may need to try different approaches.

“If you look then at the post-adolescent female or male, it’s multifactorial,” he says. “I don’t think there’s one treatment for everybody.”

Stress is an important contributor to acne in adults because stress increases corticotropin-releasing hormone, which acts on the sebaceous gland to make more oil.

“So, you need to address that,” says Dr Artemi. “You need to address skin care. You need to address diet.”

Around 80% of post-adolescent females fail to respond to oral antibiotics, 30% will recur after isotretinoin and another 30-40% are not suitable for it.

“So, you need other options,” says Dr Artemi. “You need to look at your hormonal treatments, both androgen receptor blockers and ovarian blockers.”