9 February 2018

Take 2: Is there an age at which IVF is unhelpful?

Clinical O&G

After a woman’s 44th birthday, IVF success rates are so low it isn’t worth considering, says Dr Illingworth.

“The success rate from IVF is incredibly dependent on the age of the woman,” says Associate Professor Peter Illingworth, medical director at IVF Australia.

“For a woman in her early 30s going into IVF, she can have a very high expectation that ultimately she will get a baby from it.

“However, once a woman gets past the age of 40, life gets very much tougher indeed.

“Normally a woman who is past the age of 40 needs to be realistic and aware that IVF gives her a chance of conception but it is far from certain that that conception will ever occur.”

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Lou Lewis
Lou Lewis
11 months 10 days ago
It is quite refreshing to read an article by IVF specialist, who also happens to be a director at a major IVF utility clinic,( in this case IVF Australia) about the realities of having IVF after a certain age and is not giving false hope to women just for the sake of getting increased revenue for his company. We have all read the success stories of women over 48 some cases over 50 having successful pregnancies, but for every hundred who try only a very small percentage of them actually fall pregnant and and a high percentage of those who… Read more »