17 July 2017

Take 15: Which patients should be considered for iron infusion?

Clinical Patients

The indications for iron infusion are quite straightforward, says Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya.

The first indication is a patient failing oral therapy. “That is if they are intolerant to the oral iron, that they are not adherent to it,” Dr Jayasuriya, a GP and the past director of research at the RACGP in WA, explains in the following video.

“The second indication is if you need to repeat their iron quickly such as with a preoperative patient or if they are anaemic or elderly and so on,” he says.

“Those are the two main indications. The third, an emerging indication, is patients with certain chronic diseases such as heart failure, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and so on. Those patients often do much, much better with IV iron rather than a trial of oral first.”