31 July 2019

Specialists have new BP update to play with

Practice Management Technology

Medical software firm Best Practice has just released Ruby SP1, an update for the practice management software, tailored to its VIP.net user base in Australia and New Zealand.

This specialist-specific software aims to refine previous performance and stability with respect to financial processing.

This means faster loading times for financial summary with large data sets. It also means greater stability in financial functionality.

BP’s General Manager of Innovation & Development John Rayfield said that he was pleased with the new release.

“The Bp Vip.net Ruby SP1 release focuses on continual improvements in the financial areas of the system, platform stability and performance-basically speeding up some time intensive work flows and reports,” Mr Rayfield said.

“Our goal here at Best Practice is to make every user experience enjoyable and as efficient as possible through our continual evolution in producing up-to-date cutting-edge software”.

Other stability enhancements include improvements in batch status reporting, the addition of location/unit details to weekly/monthly calendar views.

Financial summary now displays selected filters, new invoice date fields may be added, and batch review and decline processing performance have improved. Users also have the ability to base one fee scaler on another.

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