16 April 2018

Song of the week (it’s about time)


With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan …

I was the very model of a modern Rural Generalist:

Both fellowships, and PDP – with interests pedagogical.

Accredited, admitting rights to all the local hospitals.

Contributing to BEACH research appeared entirely logical.

QI and PDSA-keen, and keeping the statisticals, and sitting on the governing boards of bodies bureaucratical;

enthusiasm falling on the far side of fanatical.

Result of primary care reform, developments political:

Now, I’m a specialist in life (but it’s oxymoronical).

The rebate freeze has brought me out in sympathy with Ollie Twist – “What? More?” – The business feels the pinch, the mill is running out of grist.

The overheads have gone berserk and IT is the catalyst.

Too much red tape and Webster pack-related pharma shopping lists, erode the fleeting hours of “life” in which I am a specialist?

Reflecting on this tale of woe and channelling the pragmatist –

I will just have to focus on surviving as a business:

Adjust the fees and carry on discounting for the “senior cits”;

Regret the fact that I can spend less time with my collegialists.

If there were just one simple change that I would put at head of list – (apart from all that rigmarole attached to the authority scripts) –

If I didn’t have to write 10 pages to podiatrists! 

I’d once again be modelling the modern Rural Generalist.

TMR expresses many thanks to Dr Paul Coughlan for this witty reflection on the challenges of “keeping up”.