5 December 2018

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How much do you really know about choosing genetic tests? A lot, a little, or almost nothing at all?

How about managing the impacts of a post-polio history, or the use of melatonin for insomnia?

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TOPIC: Choosing the Right Genetic Test

Prof Graeme Suthers, Clinical Geneticist and Genetic Pathologist; Director of Genetics, Sonic Healthcare

There is a plethora of genetic tests available through established pathology providers. As healthcare professionals, GPs are responsible for providing patients with accurate advice about which tests to consider. The first key issue to consider is: what question am I asking of this test?

You must have a clear understanding of what you and the patient want to know. Without having an agreed purpose for a test, you cannot work out whether the test can provide an answer. The second issue to consider is: what evidence is there that this test can provide a useful answer to that question?

Would the answer be useful for the patient? Or for relatives? Or for the funder of this test? This presentation will help provide GPs with the foundations for making these assessments.

TOPIC: Identifying and Managing the Impacts of a Post-Polio History

Dr Stephen De Graaff, Rehabilitation Physician; Clinical Advisory Group Member – Polio Australia, Epworth HealthCare

Polio history is often not considered with a current medical history. With records of 40,000 Australians contracting this disease through the 1950s-1960s, and further numbers from migration, there is a need to understand this neurodegenerative condition.

Coupled with the effects of ageing, patients with a history of polio often require specific respiratory, orthopaedic, speech, and exercise recommendations. This session will address recognising the signs and symptoms of the Late Effects of Polio, and considerations with assessment and referral to manage the degree of impact of the issues someone will experience.

TOPIC: A Practical Guide to Melatonin for Insomnia

Dr Andreas Pattichis, Neurologist and Sleep Physician, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Insomnia is a common disorder which has a significant negative impact on quality of life and patient outcomes. This talk examines the neurobiological basis of sleep, its functions, and current data on the pharmacological and psychological management of insomnia.

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