3 July 2017

Queensland breast-screen results set to go digital

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BreastScreen Queensland is set to introduce automated electronic delivery of screening results to GPs, replacing the current system where results are sent by post.

The screening service will use secure-messaging vendors which are integrated into GP desktop software to deliver more timely and efficient results to GPs and patients. Currently, results of a screening test can take up to 10 days to arrive at a GP practice when sent by post.

Testing of the new automated system is expected to begin on August 4, with the system to go live on September 4. An estimated 75,000 electronic notifications are expected to be sent to GPs in the first full year of operation, according to a report in Pulse+IT.

Women who have a breast screening without a GP referral will be asked if they wish the results to be sent to their GP, as is currently the case with paper correspondence, the report said.

BreastScreen Queensland was established in 1991 and as of last year more than 4.7 million breast screens has been undertaken, picking up more than 19,000 breast cancers.

Queensland Health said the new system should deliver better privacy for patients, improved communication between GPs and the rest of the health sector, and better quality, more reliable and timely information.

Queensland was the first state to move of all its breast-screening services to digital mammography technology and last year BreastScreen Queensland introduced an online booking system for patients.

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