22 July 2020

‘Please. Stay the F**k at Home.’

The Back Page

Some politicians talk a lot, others have mastered the art of the Tweet-length zinger – Fiona Patten MP falls into the latter category.

Today, the Victorian MP put out a media statement containing just 23 words.

The carefully worded remarks follow reports that the people of Melbourne are somewhat less enthusiastic about sacrificing thier freedom of movement for the greater good a second time around.

Melbourne went into lockdown on 9 July but early data suggests that people aren’t staying at home as much as they did during the first lockdown.

The ABC reported that pedestrian traffic in Bourke Street (a busy shopping area in Melbourne’s CBD) was higher than the previous lockdown.

Anonymised Google phone activity data revealed that foot traffic was averaging 3598 per day now compared to 2858 in the first lockdown.

The Victorian government (and the rest of the country) is desperately hoping that the lockdown will slow the growth of COVID cases, which have climbed to 6289 as of 21 July, with another 484 new cases in the 24 hours to Tuesday noon.

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