20 May 2020

New resource to help GPs navigate thousands of mobile health apps

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With over 300,000 mobile health apps currently available, it can be difficult for health providers to figure out which ones are suitable for their patients. The Digital Health Guide is a new subscription-based resource for health professionals who are looking to understand the thousands of health apps currently on the market.

According the Digital Health Guide website, many of the available apps lack evidence for their claims, and in some cases can even be dangerous. The guide aims to counteract this by assessing the apps’ capabilities, which health conditions they are suitable for, and what evidence exists to support their claims. This will allow health professionals to make more informed choices faced with a plethora of options.

Dr Elisabeth Wearne, a GP commenting on the guide, said, “This guide aims to collate the information and provide a bit of insight into the evidence that’s underpinning these apps”.

The Digital Health Guide also offers users the opportunity to review and rate apps. The intention is to promote discussions between health professionals so that they can provide better information to their patients, and thereby only prescribe endorsed digital apps.

The Digital Health Guide is currently focused on Australian content but may be applicable in other countries. Find out more.




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