30 March 2020

Going viral: Your legal rights and obligations


A one-stop source of Coronavirus information for you and your patients as this rapidly evolving crisis unfolds.

Your legal rights and obligations regarding refusing patients, testing, self-isolation, close contact with confirmed cases in your clinic


In this episode: 

  • On what grounds can you refuse to see a patient? What kinds of signage can you put up?
  • When to refer patients for testing; can doctors test themselves?
  • Should you report patients who you think won’t get tested or self-isolate?
  • How to avoid close contacts in your clinic, and what to do if it does happen.
  • Will your insurance cover you for COVID-19 claims?
  • Your legal obligations to your staff.

Host: Dr Harry Nespolon, GP and RACGP President

Guests: Dr Penny Browne, GP and Chief Medical Officer at medical defence organisation Avant; Georgie Haysom, Avant’s Head of Research Education and Advocacy

Total time: 17 mins


COVID-19 live update